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Article: BLAK x SUMMER

blak the label


Our ethos is to dress women in clothing that accentuates who they are, with pieces that are beautifully simple and confidently understated. 
We want to empower women to feel their best selves, to go after their passions and be unapologetically authentic. 
We’re sharing the stories of women who embody that message, to inspire you to be bold, in BLAK.

Presenting: Summer Brons

Pāpāmoa mother of five Summer Brons has navigated the evolution of her own womanhood in front of tens of thousands of followers, sharing honestly her day to day life and the ups and downs that come along with it. As she has stepped into her authentic self, she has been empowered to lift up others, with a message of resilience, strength and self-love. 
How would you describe yourself in one sentence?
Approachable and down to earth with a good heart.

What have been the most meaningful moments that have shaped who you are today?
Being raised by a single mother I learnt how to be strong and a survivor. 
Being a mother, taught me how to be selfless.
Being a wife, challenged my worthiness and humbled me to look within.
What motivates you to do the work to be your best self?
The peace I feel when my mind, and soul are aligned. I don’t think you can explain the feeling you have when you know you are showing up in life the best way you can. And then seeing It’s ripple effects on your children and relationships. When you are your best self, you encourage others to do the same.

How would you describe your journey to embracing yourself and being confident in who you are?
Like a caterpillar, hiding itself in a cocoon before shedding its layers into a beautiful butterfly. 
I had to let go of control, not knowing what would become of me, embrace the unknown,  appreciate the present moment and trust in the process. At the end, when you fully embrace yourself the confidence is the reward, and just like that, you’ll unfold your wings and soar. 
Summer Brons wearing a nude long sleeve midi dress

How has your style changed as you’ve felt more confident in yourself?
I think as you evolve internally, your external naturally follows. 
I now forget the size, wear what i love, and invest in classic items that reflect how I feel.
It’s been a visual reminder that I am unfolding and evolving into a new version of myself. 

If you could write a message that every woman in New Zealand would see, what would it say?
Every new level, stage, or phase in your life will demand a different version of you.
We as woman are meant to evolve, every season is an opportunity to transition from one version of yourself to another. You are worthy to create a life you so deserve. 


Summer is wearing our long sleeve cotton Clara Dress in Nude Pink; a timeless, versatile style that's perfect for events and occasions, casual dates or daytime wear. It has a fitted bodice for extra coverage with a wrap over front, a feminine silhouette and billowing sleeves and is a perfect option for mums-to-be. 

Designed in New Zealand, currently available in sizes 8-14 in Nude Pink, and 6-14 in Black.

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