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Considered feminine and functional, the New Zealand brand BLAK driven by Designer Teresa Hodges has been creating timeless pieces for women for over a decade. Synonymous with simplicity, understated confidence & beauty these are clothes made by a woman, for women.

These are clever, classic items that are to be worn as an extension of your personality – to make a statement, and to wear everyday, enduring styles to invest in, and live your life in.

From understated beginnings, to the larger company it is today – what was originally fulfilling a gap in the market for simplistic, stylish basics, in the years that followed BLAK has grown to four sub brands; BLAK BASICS, LOVE AND LUXE and the newly incorporated BRIDESMAIDS.

For BLAK it isn't just quality in our products, but quality in the lives of those making them. During Teresa's creative process, from design to final product, our items have pieces of each of our team put into them – each of us who have a passion for our brand & customers. 

 As a boutique label we are fortunate to work closely with our entire team, cultivating relationships with those who help create each beautiful, individual garment. From our Creative Director/Designer Teresa Hodges to pattern makers, machinists, marketing, retail staff – we all have a common goal; to make, support & offer responsible, ethical, creative clothing with longevity & meaning. 

A personal rapports with our staff is important to us, & we acknowledge that not every company is able to have this. We are interested & involved in the lives of our workers and are also lucky enough to visit our international staff every 3 months including meeting with the outworkers such as dyers, screen printers and embroiders firsthand; forever focused on building these extended relationships. It has been important for us from the start to build long lasting relationships that can continue to grow and be nurtured – the communication lines are always open. 


BLAK manufactures in 3 areas:

New Zealand, working with local cutters, machinists, fabric and trim suppliers supporting our local industry.

China, this is a small factory who produce smaller boutique runs for us rather than large mass manufacturing.

Bali, we have a team that have a dedicated space & staff that solely creates for BLAK ensuring we grow together. 


We recognise the need, & the responsibility to create a new dialogue, to be accountable for what is produced – we are dedicated to making fashion with feeling, not just with a heart, but a face.