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We know how busy it is in the lead up to the ‘big day’, so many questions, so much to plan, a lot to organise.. including a lot of people to organise!

We’ve got your back with bridesmaids dresses to compliment both you, and your party.

All of our designs are able to be mixed and matched within a group, to ensure there is a shape to flatter every body-shape, and a style to suit every personality, allowing your bridesmaids to feel confident, happy and as special as they are.

While our full collection is displayed in store year round, we recommend booking a complimentary personalised appointment, allowing us to focus solely on you and your needs. Our consultations are also so much fun, with bridal experts to help you choose the right design, colour and fit; book here.

Below we have put together a list of commonly asked questions, hopefully this means we are able to make the decision making process a lot easier for you and your bridal party! However if your query has not been answered, or you would like to discuss further, we would love to help you, please contact us at 

We at BLAK Bridesmaids take great pride in being a part of your wedding, and assure you that this day is just as important to us.

We look forward to turning your dream, into a reality.



Frequently Asked Questions


Do all of your styles come in each of your fabric and colour options?

Yes, every one of our styles is able to be created in any of our fabric and colour options - as well as custom colours.


What are the fabric options?

Viscose: A beautiful soft and draped fabric, that breathes well, and feels light to the touch

Viscose Satin CrepeA draped fabric, with a slight weave; it features a satin face and a crepe back, we primarily use the ‘glossy’ satin side.

Viscose Twill: A heavier fabric, with more structure and a high lustre sheen



How do I go about ordering a custom colour?

First step, provide us with your perfect colour/s - we will then have our skilled dyers aim to match that shade. This adds an additional 8 weeks to the creation process, as we will need to have the swatch approved before going ahead with your designs. Please note due to each piece being hand dyed, and in small batches, there may be a slight colour variation - we suggest all items are purchased together to ensure the same production batch, which will avoid any variation in colour. 

We charge an additional $50 to your overall order to cover the custom work.


How do I order, and how long does it take?

There are two ways to order, either online here, or in store at either BLAK Newmarket or BLAKCHAOS Mount Maunganui. Once confirmed, and paid for in full, your dresses will be made - this can take between 12 - 14 weeks.
When placing your order for your bridal party, we suggest that all items are purchased together; this ensures the full order comes from the same production batch, to avoid any variation in dress colour.

Once your order arrives in store, we will contact you, not prior - however, if there is any delay in production you will be notified. 

You will then be able to collect in store, or have couriered. 


What sizes do you offer?

We offer from size 6 - 20


I live away from your store locations, yet want to have my bridesmaids try outfits on,
what should I do?

We offer a sample service, where we courier pieces to you; You choose up to 4 dresses, for $55 and we will include a return courier ticket in the cost. You will have 48 hours to return these pieces after arrival.


Are appointments necessary?

While the collection is able to be viewed year round, in stores, we recommend booking an appointment. By booking with us, it means you, and your group, are able to get the most out of your time, we are able to focus solely on you and your needs. Complimentary consultations are also so much fun, with bridal experts to help you choose the right design, colour and fit. Book your appointment here

Am I able to choose styles from your mainline as well?
Yes, if you've spotted a style from our collection that you would love to turn into a bridesmaid outfit, we can do that for you!

Am I able to have alterations?

We only offer shoulder alterations on the Calm Dress, free of charge. Any other alterations after the dresses are ordered will need to be made with your local alterations company.


What if one of my bridesmaids lives overseas, what do I do about organising something?

We offer virtual appointments at the discretion of our bridesmaids’ stylists, please get in touch via to organise an online consultation.


Is there a refund or exchange policy on your bridesmaids dresses?

Due to the styles being made to order, there are no refunds or exchanges.


What if I needed a matching outfit for my younger/smaller bridal party members are you able to create outfits?

At present this isn't an option, however we will sell you extra fabric in the same colour as dresses ordered. Pricing on request.