"My bridesmaids absolutely loved their dresses! I wanted them all to feel confident and happy, so they each chose their own style. We went with black, so they looked so elegant and they'll definitely wear them again!" - Kate
 "The girls were absolutely blown away by their dresses! I wanted them to feel super comfortable on the day so I worked with BLAK Bridesmaids to decide on a colour palette. Each of the girls chose the colour they wanted and then decided on which style they liked. They all looked absolutely stunning and they felt it too, which was most important to me!" - Lucy
"My girls LOVED their dresses! They're all different shapes and sizes, so they picked the style they wanted and we all decided on the colour together." - Pernille
"My bridesmaids loved their dresses! I was pretty relaxed with what styles the girls chose, I just knew early on that I wanted Sage (sooo beautiful!) and I wanted them to feel as comfortable as possible. They all looked so beautiful! If you feel your best then you have high vibes and that's what I wanted for my bridesmaids." - Sarah